2024 Spring Meeting Presentations & Materials – Nashville, Tennessee


Friday, April 12, 2024

Workers' Compensation Insurance Committee

November 16, 2023 Committee Meeting Minutes

NCOIL State Structured Settlement Model Act (7-16-22)

IN HB 1159

Susan Stauss and Sally Greenberg Presentation

Brad Nail and Mike Saporito Presentation

Joint State-Federal Relations & International Insurance Issues Committee

November 18, 2023 Committee Meeting Minutes

Mental Health Parity Model Act (11-18-23)               Teladoc Comment Letter

Resolution Reaffirming Support for the US State-Based System of Insurance Regulation in Response to Growing Federal Encroachment (Draft 3-13-24)

ABA One-pager on Basel III Endgame

NGA Young Mental Health Playbook           Jess Kirchner Presentation

David Lloyd Presentation


November 17, 2023 Committee Meeting Minutes

NAIC SVO 15 Step Review Process

NAIC's Framework for Regulation of Insurer Investments - A Holistic Review

NAIC's Endorsement of Financial Literacy Courses in High Schools 

NAIC's Model Bulletin re: Use of Artificial Intelligence Systems by Insurers

NAIC Press Release re: P&C Market Intelligence Data Call

General Session - The Latest on Weight Loss Drugs: A Discussion on Access, Cost, and Coverage

Cristy Gallagher Presentation                            Kristin Niakan Presentation

Randy Pate Presentation

Global Data Study re: Obesity Impact and Labor Force Impact per Million U.S. Population

Global Data Obesity Economic Impact Fact Sheet

Life Insurance & Financial Planning Committee

November 16, 2023 Committee Meeting Minutes

Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Model Act (3-17-19)

Life Settlements Model Act (Draft 3-13-23)

Matthew Gibson Presentation           Brenda Cude Presentation

Bret Hester Presentation          Brenda Cude Presentation

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Property & Casualty Insurance Committee

November 17, 2023 Committee Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2024 Committee Meeting Minutes

Strengthen Homes Program Model Act (Draft 3-13-24)

NCOIL Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Model Act (Draft 6-20-23)         Proposed Amendment to Model

NCOIL Resolution in Support of Strengthening State Laws to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft (Draft 3-13-24)

Draft Online Marketplace Guarantees Model Act

 Airbnb Presentation

General Session - Affordability and Availability Crises in the Auto & Home Insurance Markets: How Did We Get Here and How Do We Fix It?

Professor Feinman Presentation             Paul Martin Presentation

Christine Ashburn Presentation          Robert Gordon Presentation

Financial Services & Multi-Lines Issues Committee

November 17, 2023 Committee Meeting Minutes

NCOIL Transparency in Third Party Litigation Financing Model Act (Draft 3-13-24)

NV SB 290                  NY A 5053

EWA Comparison Table           EarnIn EWA Model Bill Suggestions

Monica Burks Presentation          Matt Smith Presentation          Ben LaRocco Presentation          Elyse Hicks Presentation

Commissioner Houdek Presentation

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Health Insurance & Long-Term Care Issues Committee

November 16, 2023 Committee Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2024 Committee Meeting Minutes

Scott Woods Presentation          James McSpadden Presentation

Joanna Hiatt Kim Presentation          BCBSA Presentation

NCOIL Prescription Drug Costs Model Act (Final 12-13-19)           Proposed technical amendment to Model

Miranda Motter Presentation

NCOIL Value Based Purchasing Model Act (Draft 3-13-24)

Executive Committee

November 18, 2023 Committee Meeting Minutes

NCOIL Resolution in Honor of Representative Richard Smith (GA)

NCOIL Medical Loss Ratios for Dental (DLR) Health Care Services Plans Model Act (1-26-24)

NCOIL Public Adjuster Professional Standards Reform Model Act (2-2-24)