Executive Committee


Model Act to Support State Regulation of Insurance Through More Informed Policymaking – Adopted 12/8/18



Recognizing Past President Assemblyman Kenneth W. Cooley (CA) as an Honorary Member of NCOIL – Adopted 3/12/23

Resolution in Honor of Representative Warren Kitzmiller – Adopted 7/16/22

Resolution in Honor of Past President Representative George Keiser (ND) – Adopted March 6, 2022

In Honor of Senator Tom Buford – Adopted 7/17/21

Recognizing Past President Senator James L Seward (NY) as an Honorary Member of NCOIL – Adopted 12/12/20

Urging the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to Refrain from Intruding on the Constitutional Role of State Legislators – Adopted 7/1/20

In Support of the Reauthorization of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program – Adopted by the NCOIL Officers on 9/17/19; adopted by the Executive Committee on 12/13/19

In Honor of Past President William J. Larkin, Jr. – Adopted 12/13/19

In Honor of Representative Stanley Bainter – Adopted 3/17/19

In Honor of Representative Don Flanders – Adopted 11/19/17

In Honor of Senator Greg Standridge – Adopted 11/19/17

In Honor of Past President Frank Wald – Adopted 7/17/11

Supporting State Insurance Department Funding of NCOIL Legislative Educational Efforts – Adopted 3/7/10

Regarding Forming a Past Presidents’ Advisory Committee – Adopted 11/6/06

Urging the Prohibition of Fundraising Events at NCOIL Meetings – Adopted 11/19/05

Regarding Reinsurance Collateral Requirements – Adopted 11/19/05

Regarding Extending TRIA – Adopted 7/16/04

Appointing an Executive Director – Adopted 2/27/04

Resolution Regarding Reinsurance Collateral Requirements – Adopted 11/21/03

In Support of States’ Authority to Regulate the Business of Insurance – Adopted 7/11/03

In Honor of Representative Timothy Osmond – Adopted 7/11/03

In Support of the Expansion of the Liability Risk Retention Act to Cover All Commercial Lines of Insurance – Adopted 7/12/02

In Support of a Federal Backstop for Insurance Against Terrorism – Adopted 11/16/01

Establishing a Special Task Force to Review and Make Recommendations to Streamline and Simplify the State Regulation of Insurance for the 21st Century – Adopted 07/07/00

On 2001 NCOIL Dues – Adopted 11/17/00

On Codification of Statutory Accounting Principles – Adopted 02/26/99

In Support of Restitution to Holocaust Victims and Heirs – Adopted 7/10/98



Letter Regarding NAIC Reinsurance Regulatory Modernization Framework – 12/3/08



NCOIL Order & Decorum at NCOIL Committee Meetings & General Sessions and in Materials – Adopted 7-16-22


July 1, 2020 Interim Committee Meeting Conference Call

January 5, 2018 Interim Committee Meeting Conference Call