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Proposed Legislative Toolkit for International Insurance Discussions
(considered Feb. 27)



NCOIL Supports Policyholder Protection Act as Way to Safeguard Consumers, Preserve State Authority  >>Details  >>Letter
NCOIL Adopts Legislative Toolkit Empowering State Lawmakers in International Discussions >>Details

Legislators Kick off Debate on Controversial Transportation Network Co. Model >>Details

NCOIL Examines Cyber-Risk as Emerging Threat, Plans Continued Exploration >>Details

NCOIL Grapples with Trend of Rising Drug Prices >>Details

NCOIL President Testifies to Congress, Stresses Transparency and State Legislative Role in International Discussions  >>Testimony

NCOIL Statement on Senate Inability to Reauthorize TRIA

NCOIL Urges Senate to Pass S. 2244 TRIA Reauthorizing Legislation >>Details  >>Letter

The National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) is an organization
of state legislators whose main area of public policy concern is insurance
legislation and regulation. Many legislators active in NCOIL either chair or
are members of the committees responsible for insurance legislation
in their respective state houses across the country.