NCOIL Highlights February as Insurance Careers Month


For Immediate Release
February 9, 2024
Contact: Pat Gilbert
(732) 201-4133

Supports Effort to Inspire Young Professionals to Choose a Career in Insurance

Belmar, NJ – As February marks the eighth annual Insurance Careers Month, the National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) is proud to join the Insurance Careers Movement (ICM) in highlighting the many important and fulfilling career opportunities the insurance industry has to offer. The ICM is a global network of more than 1,000 insurance carriers, agents, trade associations, and industry partners working to engage the next generation for careers in insurance.

“The insurance industry offers a wide array of career paths for people of diverse skillsets and interests starting out their careers,” said Rep. Tom Oliverson, M.D. (TX), NCOIL President. “As a practicing anesthesiologist and Chair of the Texas House Insurance Committee, I have seen the important role insurance plays both in our economy and in one’s personal well-being. I encourage everyone to consider the opportunities available and help ensure the industry stays strong for years to come.”

NCOIL CEO, Commissioner Tom Considine said, “The insurance industry has always been a great provider of rewarding careers and I continue to recommend everyone, particularly young professionals, consider a career in the industry as it has tremendous growth opportunities. A pivotal point in my career was when I left private practice for a position at MetLife. I ended up staying at MetLife for 18 years, only leaving to become the Banking and Insurance Commissioner of New Jersey.”

Rep. Carl Anderson (SC), Chair of the NCOIL Life Insurance & Financial Planning Committee, stated, “It’s important to highlight February as Insurance Careers Month, which of course is Black History Month. The more Black Americans we can bring into the industry, the more diverse and inclusive the industry will become.”

Anderson continued, “The insurance industry as a whole continues to face a talent crisis that goes beyond diversity as studies consistently show millennials have limited to no knowledge of insurance career opportunities. As an insurance agent, the industry has certainly provided me with a fulfilling career, and I hope younger generations take advantage of the opportunities the industry has to offer.”

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