Property-Casualty Insurance Committee

All model laws and resolutions on this page have been adopted by the NCOIL Executive Committee, unless otherwise indicated.


Travel Insurance Model Act 3/5/17

Model Act to Regulate Insurance Requirements for Transportation Network Companies and Transportation Network Drivers – 7/19/15

Model Act Regarding Medicaid Interception of Insurance Payments – 11/23/14 amended 3/1/15

Certificates of Insurance Model Act – 11/18/12

Storm Chaser Consumer Protection Act – 7/19/15 

Model Act Regarding Use of Insurance Binders as Evidence of Coverage – 7/15/12

Model Act Regarding Auto Airbag Fraud – 11/22/09

Model Act Regarding Disclosure of Rental Damage Waivers -- 3/1/08

Post-Assessment Property and Liability Insurance Guaranty Association Model Act – 11/17/07 amended 3/1/15

Model State Uniform Building Code -- 3/2/07

Auto Insurance Fraud Model Act – 7/22/06

Patient Safety Model Act -- 11/18/05 (in conjunction with the NCOIL Health Insurance Committee) Model Act Regarding Use of Claims History Information --7/8/05

Property/Casualty Flex-Rating Regulatory Improvement Model Act -- 2/27/04

State Flood Disaster Mitigation and Relief Model Act – 11/21/03, amended 07/13/08

Model Anti-Runners Fraud Bill – 7/11/03

Model Act Regarding Use of Credit Information in Personal Insurance – 11/22/02, readopted 11/15/15

State Enactment of NCOIL Credit Information Model Act

Property/Casualty Insurance Modernization Act – 07/22/06

Property and Casualty Insurance Domestic Violence Model Act – 7/8/05


In Support of H.R. 3989, the Disaster Savings Account Act of 2013 – 7/13/14

Resolution Supporting “No Pay, No Play” Auto Insurance Laws – 3/9/14

Requesting United States Congress to Pass the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act– 11/24/13

Urging HUD to Refrain from Intruding on State Regulation of Homeowners' Insurance – 2/26/12

Supporting State Regulation of the Use of Credit Information in Personal Insurance – 7/13/08

Concerning Amendments to State Liquidation Laws Addressing Large Deductibles – 7/21/07

Regarding State Land-Use Policies – 7/21/07

Supporting Stronger Building Codes and Building Requirements – 7/22/06

Regarding the Insurance Receivership Model Act (IRMA) and NAIC Accreditation – 7/22/06

Regarding Motor Vehicle Crash Parts -- 11/17/05

In Support of the Confidentiality of Risk-Based Capital Information -- 7/8/05

Regarding Catastrophic Natural Disaster Insurance Issues -- 7/16/04

Regarding Medical Malpractice Reform -- 2/27/04

In Support of Flex-Rating as an Interim Step toward Rate Regulation Based More on Open Competition – 11/21/03

Regarding the Need for Effective Asbestos Reform – 11/21/03

On NAIC Credit Personal Property Insurance Model Act – 11/16/01

In Support of Tax-Deductible Pre-Event Natural Disaster Reserve Funds and Federal Backup Insurance – 11/16/01

On National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Elevation Certificate – 07/13/01

Affirming State Authority in the Regulation of Crop Insurance -- 2/25/00

Opposing Federal Choice No-Fault Auto Legislation – 11/16/97


Letter to NAIC Expressing Concern with Proposed Data Call, Affirming Need for NCOIL Insurance Scoring Model  -- 9/30/10

Letter to U.S. House Committee Applauding Insurance-Scoring Interest, Apprising of NCOIL Model Protections ─ 5/13/10

Letter to State Insurance Committee Chairs Regarding Uniform Crop Adjuster Licensing -- 7/12/09

Letter to NAIC Regarding Protections in NCOIL Insurance Scoring Model Act -- 4/28/09