Property-Casualty Insurance Committee

All model laws and resolutions on this page have been adopted by the NCOIL Executive Committee, unless otherwise indicated.


Model Act Concerning Interpretation of State Insurance Laws 7/13/19

Consumer Protection Towing Model Act - 7-15-18                    Comment Letters

Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Claims Transparency Model Act

Travel Insurance Model Act 7/15/17

Model Act to Regulate Insurance Requirements for Transportation Network Companies and Transportation Network Drivers – 7/19/15

Model Act Regarding Medicaid Interception of Insurance Payments – 11/23/14 amended 3/1/15

Certificates of Insurance Model Act – 7/15/17

Storm Chaser Consumer Protection Act – 7/19/15 

Model Act Regarding Use of Insurance Binders as Evidence of Coverage – 7/15/17

Model Act Regarding Auto Airbag Fraud – 7-15-18

Model Act Regarding Disclosure of Rental Damage Waivers - 7-15-18

Post-Assessment Property and Liability Insurance Guaranty Association Model Act – 11/17/07 amended 3/1/15

Model State Uniform Building Code -- 7/15/18

Auto Insurance Fraud Model Act – 7/15/17

Patient Safety Model Act -- 11/18/05 (in conjunction with the NCOIL Health Insurance Committee) Model Act Regarding Use of Claims History Information --7/8/05

Property/Casualty Flex-Rating Regulatory Improvement Model Act -- 2/27/04

State Flood Disaster Mitigation and Relief Model Act – 7-13-19

Model Anti-Runners Fraud Bill – 7/15/18

Model Act Regarding Use of Credit Information in Personal Insurance – 11/22/02, readopted 11/15/15

State Enactment of NCOIL Credit Information Model Act

Property/Casualty Insurance Modernization Act – 07/15/18

Property and Casualty Insurance Domestic Violence Model Act – 7/15/18


Resolution Encouraging the Adoption of Voluntary Data Call Principles 

Resolution Encouraging the American Law Institute to Materially Change the Proposed Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance 

In Support of H.R. 3989, the Disaster Savings Account Act of 2013 – 7/13/14

Resolution Supporting “No Pay, No Play” Auto Insurance Laws – 3/9/14

Requesting United States Congress to Pass the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act– 11/24/13

Urging HUD to Refrain from Intruding on State Regulation of Homeowners' Insurance – 2/26/12

Supporting State Regulation of the Use of Credit Information in Personal Insurance – 7/13/08

Concerning Amendments to State Liquidation Laws Addressing Large Deductibles – 7/21/07

Regarding State Land-Use Policies – 7/21/07

Supporting Stronger Building Codes and Building Requirements – 7/22/06

Regarding the Insurance Receivership Model Act (IRMA) and NAIC Accreditation – 7/22/06

Regarding Motor Vehicle Crash Parts -- 11/17/05

In Support of the Confidentiality of Risk-Based Capital Information -- 7/8/05

Regarding Catastrophic Natural Disaster Insurance Issues -- 7/16/04

Regarding Medical Malpractice Reform -- 2/27/04

In Support of Flex-Rating as an Interim Step toward Rate Regulation Based More on Open Competition – 11/21/03

Regarding the Need for Effective Asbestos Reform – 11/21/03

On NAIC Credit Personal Property Insurance Model Act – 11/16/01

In Support of Tax-Deductible Pre-Event Natural Disaster Reserve Funds and Federal Backup Insurance – 11/16/01

On National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Elevation Certificate – 07/13/01

Affirming State Authority in the Regulation of Crop Insurance -- 2/25/00

Opposing Federal Choice No-Fault Auto Legislation – 11/16/97


September 29, 2016 Interim Conference Call Minutes

June 5, 2017 Interim Conference Call Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2018 Interim Conference Call Meeting Minutes


ALI Letter to NCOIL 4-3-19

NCOIL ALI Letter  11-28-17

Letter to NAIC Expressing Concern with Proposed Data Call, Affirming Need for NCOIL Insurance Scoring Model  -- 9/30/10

Letter to U.S. House Committee Applauding Insurance-Scoring Interest, Apprising of NCOIL Model Protections ─ 5/13/10

Letter to State Insurance Committee Chairs Regarding Uniform Crop Adjuster Licensing -- 7/12/09

Letter to NAIC Regarding Protections in NCOIL Insurance Scoring Model Act -- 4/28/09