Life Insurance & Financial Planning Committee

All model laws and resolutions on this page have been adopted by the NCOIL Executive Committee, unless otherwise indicated.


Model Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act

Beneficiaries' Bill of Rights (regarding retained asset accounts)–11/21/10

Life Insurance Consumer Disclosure Model Act–11/21/10

Life Settlements Model Act

Long Term Care Tax Credit Model Act – 3/7/10

Insurance Compliance Self-Evaluative Privilege Model Act -- 7/22/06

Secondary Addressee Model Act – 7/21/17


Resolution in Support of Good Samaritans' Efforts to Prevent Loss of Life Due to Opioid Efforts

Resolution in Opposition to the United States Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule

In Support of Regulating Use of Senior-Specific Certifications/Designations – 2/26/12

In Support of Expanding Annuity Suitability Requirements – 3/6/11

Recognizing September 2009 as Life Insurance Awareness Month – 7/12/09

In Support of State Insurance Commissioner Authority Over Fixed Indexed Annuity Products – 11/23/08

Recognizing September 2008 as Life Insurance Awareness Month – 7/13/08

Recognizing September 2007 as Life Insurance Awareness Month – 7/21/07

Regarding Enforcement of Existing State Insurable Interest Laws, Stranger-Originated Life Insurance (STOLI), and Related NAIC Action -- 3/2/07

In Support of Expanding Annuity Suitability Requirements - 11/11/06

Recognizing Life Insurance Awareness Month – 7/22/06

Regarding Improving Access to Underinsured Life Insurance Markets-- 7/8/05

Opposing Expansion of State Insurable Interest Laws -- 3/3/05

Urging Congress to Enact Long-Term Care Partnership Legislation -- 11/19/04

In Support of Modifying the Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Fixed Annuities to Adjust the Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate -- 11/21/02

Position Statement in Opposition to any Federal Deferred Acquisition Cost (DAC) Tax Increase – 03/02/01


Letter Urging Department of Labor to Consult with State Officials re: “Fiduciary” Definition, Concerns Exist – 7/28/15

Letter to Senate Finance Committee Reaffirming NCOIL Unclaimed Benefits Model Act Consumer Protections/Use of DMF - 4/15/13

Letter to Sen. Harkin Supporting S. 3217 Amendment to Nullify SEC Annuities Rule 151A ─ 5/13/10

Letter to NAIC Expressing Concern with Capital/Surplus Relief Efforts -- 7/21/09

Letter to NAIC Regarding Reconsideration of Capital/Surplus Relief Initiative -- 1/26/09

Letter to NAIC Objecting to Hybrid Life Settlements Reference -- 12/1/08