Life Insurance & Financial Planning Committee

All model laws and resolutions on this page have been adopted by the NCOIL Executive Committee, unless otherwise indicated.


Model Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act – updated 11/23/14, originally adopted 11/20/11

Beneficiaries' Bill of Rights (regarding retained asset accounts)–11/21/10

Life Insurance Consumer Disclosure Model Act–11/21/10

Life Settlements Model Act -- 3/9/14

Long Term Care Tax Credit Model Act – 3/7/10

Insurance Compliance Self-Evaluative Privilege Model Act -- 7/22/06

Secondary Addressee Model Act – 7/21/17


Resolution in Support of Good Samaritans' Efforts to Prevent Loss of Life Due to Opioid Efforts - DRAFT

Resolution in Opposition to the United States Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule

In Support of Regulating Use of Senior-Specific Certifications/Designations – 2/26/12

In Support of Expanding Annuity Suitability Requirements – 3/6/11

Recognizing September 2009 as Life Insurance Awareness Month – 7/12/09

In Support of State Insurance Commissioner Authority Over Fixed Indexed Annuity Products – 11/23/08

Recognizing September 2008 as Life Insurance Awareness Month – 7/13/08

Recognizing September 2007 as Life Insurance Awareness Month – 7/21/07

Regarding Enforcement of Existing State Insurable Interest Laws, Stranger-Originated Life Insurance (STOLI), and Related NAIC Action -- 3/2/07

In Support of Expanding Annuity Suitability Requirements - 11/11/06

Recognizing Life Insurance Awareness Month – 7/22/06

Regarding Improving Access to Underinsured Life Insurance Markets-- 7/8/05

Opposing Expansion of State Insurable Interest Laws -- 3/3/05

Urging Congress to Enact Long-Term Care Partnership Legislation -- 11/19/04

In Support of Modifying the Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Fixed Annuities to Adjust the Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate -- 11/21/02

Position Statement in Opposition to any Federal Deferred Acquisition Cost (DAC) Tax Increase – 03/02/01


Letter Urging Department of Labor to Consult with State Officials re: “Fiduciary” Definition, Concerns Exist – 7/28/15

Letter to Senate Finance Committee Reaffirming NCOIL Unclaimed Benefits Model Act Consumer Protections/Use of DMF - 4/15/13

Letter to Sen. Harkin Supporting S. 3217 Amendment to Nullify SEC Annuities Rule 151A ─ 5/13/10

Letter to NAIC Expressing Concern with Capital/Surplus Relief Efforts -- 7/21/09

Letter to NAIC Regarding Reconsideration of Capital/Surplus Relief Initiative -- 1/26/09

Letter to NAIC Objecting to Hybrid Life Settlements Reference -- 12/1/08