Latest NCOIL Activity


NCOIL Urges Support for Bill Reauthorizing TRIA Until 2030 – Oct. 22, 2019

NCOIL Workers’ Compensation Insurance Committee has Interim Committee Conference Call – Oct. 15, 2019

NCOIL Applauds House Passage of SAFE Banking Act of 2019, Urges Swift Senate Passage – Sept. 30, 2019

NCOIL Concludes Fourth Annual DC Fly-in to Educate Members of Congress About the Importance of State-Based Insurance Regulation – Sept. 24, 2019

NCOIL Recognizes Natural Disaster Resiliency Week – Aug. 29, 2019



In Support of the Reauthorization of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program – Adopted by the NCOIL Officers on 9/17/19 – To be discussed and considered for ratification by the NCOIL Executive Committee on 12/13/19

Model Act to Support State Regulation of Insurance Through More Informed Policymaking – Adopted 12/8/18



NCOIL Amends and Re-Adopts Insurance Fraud Model Act – July 29, 2019

Insurance Fraud Model Act – 7/13/19

Discussion Draft of NCOIL Insurance E-Commerce Model Act as of June 11, 2019

APCIA Rebate Reform Proposal – June 4, 2019

Resolution Asserting McCarran-Ferguson Reverse Preemption Over the Supervision of Insurance Companies by the Federal Reserve Board and its Examiners – Adopted 12/8/18

Resolution in Support of State Regulated Health Savings Account-Based Coverage – Adopted 12/8/18

Resolution in Support of The Small Business Audit Correction Act of 2018 – Adopted 7/15/18

Model Act to Support State Regulation of Insurance by Requiring Competition Among Rating Agencies – Adopted 11/19/17

Model Act Prohibiting Consumer Reporting Agencies from Charging Fees Related to Security Freezes – Adopted 11/19/17

Resolution Encouraging the Adoption of Voluntary Data Call Principles – Adopted 11/16/17

Maine Bureau of Insurance Bulletin on Rebates – Guidance for Producers – October 25, 2017

Maine Rebate Reform Law – May 26, 2017



Discussion Draft of NCOIL Short Term Limited Duration Insurance Model Act as of June 11, 2019      BCBSA Comment Letter

Second Draft of NCOIL Model Law on Drug Pricing Transparency as of June 11, 2019

Resolution In Support of Amending ERISA to Enable State Policymakers to Enact More Meaningful State Healthcare Reforms – Adopted 3/17/19

Pharmacy Benefits Manager Licensure and Regulation Model Act – Adopted 12/8/18

DRAFT Initial Framework for NCOIL Model Law on Drug Transparency Requirements as of November 6, 2018      Comments

Out-of-Network Balance Billing Transparency Model Act – Adopted 11/19/17

Model Act Regarding Air Ambulance Insurance Claims – Adopted 11/19/17

Resolution Urging the United States Congress to Take Legislative Action and Exempt Properly Governed by the McCarran-Ferguson Act from the Scope of the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 to Authorize States to Regulate Air Ambulance Billing – Adopted 7-15-17



Discussion Draft NCOIL Insurance Business Transfer Model Law as of February 13, 2019       Comment Letter from Rick Newton and Luann Petrellis

ACLI Proposed Amendments to NCOIL IBT Model Act – 7/1/19      Overview of ACLI Principles & Guidelines on IBT & Corporate Division Legislation          Oklahoma Insurance Department Comment Letter          Oklahoma Insurance Department Proposed Amendments to NCOIL IBT Model Law

Proposed Amendments to NCOIL Market Conduct Surveillance Model Law as of June 11, 2019        CEJ Comment Letter 7-10-19

Resolution Encouraging the Federal Insurance Office (FIO) to Create a New Proposal for the Study of Auto Insurance Affordability in Accordance with Title V of the Dodd-Frank Act – Adopted 3/5/17

Resolution Reaffirming Support for the U.S. State-Based System of Insurance Regulation in Response to Recent Federal Encroachment – Adopted 11/20/16

Resolution in Support of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Credit for Reinsurance Model Law and Regulation (Reinsurance Models) – Adopted 7/16/16



Resolution in Support of Good Samaritans’ Efforts to Prevent Loss of Life Due to Opioid Efforts – Adopted March 17, 2019

Resolution in Opposition to the United States Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule – Adopted Nov. 20, 2016



NCOIL Model Act Concerning Interpretation of State Insurance Laws – July 13, 2019

Consumer Protection Towing Model Act – Adopted 7/15/18

Resolution Encouraging the American Law Institute to Materially Change the Proposed Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance – Adopted 1/5/18

Travel Insurance Model Act – Adopted 3/5/17

Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Claims Transparency Model Act – Adopted 7/15/17

Resolution Encouraging the Adoption of Voluntary Data Call Principles – Adopted 11/19/17



DRAFT Amendments to NCOIL State Flood Disaster Mitigation and Relief Model Act         Comments – NAMIC/AIA/PCI  10-25-18        Comments (NAMIC/APCI – 3-11-19)          Comment Letter (Commissioner Ted Nickel – 5-29-19)      reThought Insurance Comment Letter      NAR Comment Letter 7-10-19

Resolution Recognizing September 1st – 7th 2019 as “Natural Disaster Resiliency Week” – Aug. 29, 2019



Workers’ Compensation Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Rates Model Act – Adopted 12/8/18

Second Draft of NCOIL Workers’ Compensation Drug Formulary Model – June 11, 2019        ReedGroup – Baker & Welsh Comment Letter          AAPAN Proposed Amendments – Red-Lined Version       MAXIMUS Proposed Amendments – Red-Lined Version

Discussion Draft as of February 13, 2019 – NCOIL Workers’ Compensation Drug Formulary Model        AMA Comment Letter       MAXIMUS Comment Letter         AAPAN Comment Letter

Third Draft of NCOIL Workers’ Compensation Drug Formulary Model – September 19, 2019      Medtronic Proposed Amendment        Medtronic Letter        AMA Comment Letter          MedChi/PRI Comment Letter          APCIA Proposed Amendments – Red-Lined Version          APCIA Support Material-CWCI Bulletin

Fourth Draft of NCOIL Workers’ Compensation Drug Formulary Model – October 9, 2019