Health, Long-Term Care & Health Retirement Issues Committee

All model laws and resolutions on this page have been adopted by the NCOIL Executive Committee, unless otherwise indicated.

Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance Task Force Minutes July 15, 2017

Air Ambulance Task Force Interim Call Minutes – June 8, 2017

Resolution Urging the United States Congress to Take Legislative Action and Exempt Properly Governed by the McCarran-Ferguson Act from the Scope of the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 to Authorize States to Regulate Air Ambulance Billing

Sense of Body – Resolution Urging the United State Congress to Take Legislative Action and Exempt Matters Properly Governed by the McCarran-Ferguson Act from the Scope of the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 to Authorize States to Regulate Air Ambulance Billing – DRAFT

Guiding Principles on State Regulation of Air Ambulance Balance Billing Practices – DRAFT

Model Laws

Model Act Regarding Air Ambulance Insurance Claims

Out-of-Network Balance Billing Transparency Model Act

Employer-Sponsored Group Disability Income Protection Model Act

Healthcare Balance Billing Disclosure Model Act – 3/6/11 

Model Act Banning Fee Schedules for Uncovered Dental Services–11/21/10

Patient Safety Model Act — 3/6/11

Rental Network Contract Arrangements Model Act – 11/23/08


In Support of Amending the NAIC Uniform Accident & Sickness Policy Provision Law – 03/02/01

In Support of Efforts to Reduce the Incidence of Obesity and Chronic Disease – 7/19/15

In Support of Extending Dependent Benefits for Young Adults – 7/13/08

In Support of H.R. 506, the Health Partnership through Creative Federalism Act – 11/17/07

In Support of H.R. 1206, The Access to Professional Health Advisors Act – 7/17/11

NCOIL Principles for Healthcare Reform – 11/22/09

On Federal Preemption of State Laws Regarding Certain Health Insurance Arrangements –2/26/99

On Licensing Health Exchange Navigators – 3/10/13

On Medical Privacy – 07/13/01

Regarding Discontinued Health Insurance Policies  – 3/10/13

Resolution Concerning the Role of Insurance Agents and Brokers in the Healthcare Delivery System- 11/22/09


Letter Opposing Repeal of McCarran-Ferguson Antitrust Exemptions for Health,Med Mal Insurers ─ 1/14/10

Letter to Congress Recognizing State Health Insurance Reform Successes — 5/27/09

Letter to Congress Reminding of State Consumer Protections, Cautioning Against Healthcare Higher Costs- 11-30-09

Letter to Congress Supporting SCHIP Reauthorization — 3/7/07

Letter to HHS Expressing Concerns with CLASS Act Long-Term Care Program ─ 8/4/11

Letter to HHS Urging Exclusion of Agent/Broker Commissions from Draft MLR Rule — 12/7/10

Letter to NAIC Supporting UPPL Amendment — 3/22/01

Letter to Senate Opposing AHP Legislation, S. 406 — 08/15/05

Letter to Senate Opposing S. 3217 Amendment to Repeal Health Insurer McCarran-FergusonAntitrust Exemption- 5/14/10

Letter to Senators Dodd, Shelby Opposing Addition of Federal Health Insurance Rating to S. 3217 Financial Services Bill ─ 5/4/10

Letter to Senators Enzi and Nelson Opposing SBHP Legislation, S. 1955 — 03/14/06

Letter to HHS/CMS Regarding Health Savings Accounts Catch-22

Letter opposing NPRM “Expatriate Health Plans, Expatriate Health Plan Issuers, and Qualified Expatriates; Excepted Benefits; Lifetime and Annual Limits; and Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance

Best Practices

Best Practices to Address Opioid Abuse, Misuse & Diversion – 11/24/13