State-Federal Relations Committee

All model laws and resolutions on this page have been adopted by the NCOIL Executive Committee, unless otherwise indicated.



Proposed Amendments to NCOIL Market Conduct Surveillance Model Law as of June 11, 2019

Insurance Business Transfer Model Law – DISCUSSION DRAFT as of 2/13/19           Comments

Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies Model Legislation – Originally Adopted 11/22/02; Readopted 3/4/05, 11/21/10, 11/19/17

Producer Compensation Disclosure Model Amendment to the Producer Licensing Model Act (In conjunction with the NCOIL Executive Committee) – Originally Adopted 3/5/05; Readopted 11/21/10, 11/17/17

Market Conduct Surveillance Model Law – Originally Adopted 11/11/06; Readopted 11/20/11. 11/20/16

Company Licensing Modernization Model Act – Originally Adopted 7/12/02; Readopted 11/19/04, 11/11/06, 11/20/11, 11/20/16

Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS) Model Act – Originally Adopted 11/21/10; Readopted 11/15/15





Encouraging the Federal Insurance Office (FIO) to Create a New Proposal for the Study of Auto Insurance Affordability in Accordance with Title V of the Dodd-Frank Act – Adopted 3/5/17


In Support of the NAIC Credit for Reinsurance Model Law and Regulation (Reinsurance Models) – Adopted 7/17/16

Reaffirming Support for the U.S. State-Based System of Insurance Regulation in Response to Recent Federal Encroachment – Adopted 11/20/16


Supporting Further Extension of TRIA – Adopted 7/14/13

Regarding the Prudential Regulation of Insurance – Adopted 3/10/13


Urging Producer Licensing Modernization – Adopted 7/15/12


Encouraging State Membership in the IIPRC – Adopted 11/20/11

Urging Congress to Extend the Effective Date for Non-Admitted Insurance Provisions of Dodd-Frank Act – Adopted 3/6/11

In Support of Expanding Annuity Suitability Requirements – Adopted 3/6/11


Urging Opposition to Optional Federal Charter (OFC) Proposals – Adopted 11/21/10

In Support of Amending Insurance Law to Conform to Non-Admitted & Reinsurance Reform Act (NRRA) – Adopted 11/21/10

Opposing an Office of National Insurance Proposal in Senate Committee Print of Restoring American Financial Stability Act – Adopted 3/7/10


Opposing Legislation to Create a Federal Insurance Office – Adopted 11/22/09

Favoring Continued State-Based Insurance Consumer Protections – Adopted 7/12/09


Opposing an NAIC Plan to Utilize the Annual Statement for the Centralized Collection and Dissemination of Market Conduct Data – Adopted 7/13/08

Model State Resolution in Opposition to S. 40/H.R. 3200, the National Insurance Act — Adopted 3/1/08

In Support of the National Insurance Producer Registry — Adopted 3/1/08


In Support of Surplus Lines Insurance Multi-State Compliance Compact (“SLIMPACT”) – Adopted 11/17/07

In Opposition to Amending or Repealing the McCarran-Ferguson Act – Adopted 7/21/07

Opposing Certain Executive Sessions of Public Policy Officials – Adopted 7/21/07


Model State Resolution in Opposition to Federal Preemptive Regulatory Measures — Adopted 2/25/06


Regarding OCC Banking Regulations – Adopted 11/19/04


In Support of Federal Legislation to Protect American Investors – Adopted 11/21/03

In Support of the NAIC Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact Model Legislation – Adopted 7/11/03

Support of Insurance Commissioners Exclusive State Regulatory Authority over Variable Life Insurance and Variable Annuities – Adopted 2/21/03


On Regulation of Financial Institutions – Originally Adopted 7/11/97; Readopted 11/16/01; Amended Version Adopted 3/1/02


In Support of Repealing Surplus Lines Licensing Bonds – Adopted 11/16/01

Opposing OCC Opinion that GLBA Preempts State Consumer Protection Laws – Adopted 11/16/01

In Support of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act – Originally Adopted 11/19/99; Readopted 11/16/01

In Support of the Interstate Insurance Receivership Compact Commission’s Uniform Receivership Law – Originally Adopted 11/18/98; Readopted 11/16/01

Affirming the Authority of States to Regulate the Business of Insurance – Originally Adopted 7/10/98; Readopted 11/16/01

Opposing the Federalization or Dual Regulation of the Business of Insurance – Adopted 7/13/01


In Support of the NAIC Producer Licensing Model Act – Adopted 7/07/00





NCOIL Statement on Senate Inability to Reauthorize TRIA – 12/17/14

Letter to Senate Urging Passage of S. 2244 TRIA Reauthorization Legislation Before Adjourning – 12/14/14


Letter to Congress Reaffirming Support for State Regulation, Requesting Seat at Table in Global Insurance Discussions – 12/2/13


Letter to House Rules Committee Reaffirming McCarran-Ferguson Support, Opposing Health/P-C Insurance Repeals – 3/20/12


Comment Letter to Federal Insurance Office Regarding State Modernization, FIO Report to Congress – 12/15/11

Letter to Chairperson Rep. Judy Biggert Regarding Common Ground on SLIMPACT – 7/29/11

Letter to NAIC Asking for Unity on SLIMPACT – 7/29/11

Joint NCOIL-CSG-NCSL Letter Requesting One-Year Extension of NRRA Effective Date ─ 1/27/11

Open Letter to 112th Congress Regarding Insurance Public Policy ─ 1/5/11


Letter to NAIC Urging SLIMPACT as Solution to Implementing Dodd-Frank Surplus Lines Provisions ─ 9/2/10

Joint NCOIL-NCSL Letter to U.S. House/Senate on Financial Stability Oversight Council/Federal Insurance Office S. 3217/H.R. 4173 Provisions ─ 6/4/10

Letter to Sen. Merkley Opposing ONI, Supporting S. 3217 Amendment to Limit Federal Powers ─ 5/10/10

Letter to Sen. Merkley Regarding ONI Amendment in Title V of S. 3217 Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 ─ 5/10/10

Letter to Senate Opposing the Title 5, Subsection A, ONI in the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 (SB 3217) ─ 4/22/10

Letter to Senate Banking Committee Offering New Comments on Financial Services Reform Bill ─ 3/22/10


Letter to NAIC Opposing National Insurance Supervisory Commission (NISC), Offering Constructive Comments – 12/18/09

Letter to Speaker Pelosi Opposing FIO, Expressing Concerns with H.R. 4173 – 12/10/09

Letter to Senate Banking Committee Chairman Dodd Regarding Financial Stability Discussion Draft – 11/16/09

Letter to House Financial Services Committee Opposing a Federal Insurance Office (FIO) – 10/23/09

Letter to NAIC Opposing National Insurance Supervisory Commission (NISC) Proposal – 9/9/09

NCOIL/CSG/NCSL Letter to Senate Banking/House Financial Services Committees Opposing Inclusion of Insurance in a Consumer Financial Protection Agency — 9/1/09

Letter to Senate Banking/House Financial Services Committees Regarding Principles for Effective Systemic Risk Regulation — 5/11/09

NCOIL/CSG/NCSL Letter to Senate Banking/House Financial Services Committees Opposing an OFC — 4/2/09

Letter to U.S. Senate Banking Committee Chair Christopher Dodd Opposing an OFC — 3/6/09

Letter to Treasury Secretary Geithner Regarding Optional Federal Charter Comments — 2/12/09


Letter to Chairman Frank Regarding Need for State-Based Reforms — 10/20/08

Letter to Speaker Pelosi Regarding Removing H.R. 5840 from Suspension Calendar, AIG Assertions– 9/19/08

Letter to Speaker Pelosi Recommending Opposition to H.R. 5840 OII Legislation — 9/12/08

Letter to Chairman Dodd Opposing Fast Track for H.R. 5840 OII Legislation — 8/1/08 

Letter to Speaker Pelosi Requesting Due Process for H.R. 5840 OII and H.R. 5611 NARAB Legislation — 7/28/08

Letter to NAIC Regarding Due Process for MCAS Proposal — 5/23/08

Letter to NAIC Supporting IIPRC Testimony at U.S. House Hearing — 4/3/08


Letter to Senators Johnson and Sununu Opposing OFC Legislation, S. 2509 – 4/14/06