State-Federal Relations Committee

All model laws and resolutions on this page have been adopted by the NCOIL Executive Committee, unless otherwise indicated. 


Discussion Draft as of February 13, 2019 – NCOIL Insurance Business Transfer Model Law           Comments


Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS) Model – 11/21/10, re-adopted 11/15/15


Market Conduct Surveillance Model Law – 11/11/06        Proposed Amendments to NCOIL Market Conduct Surveillance Model Law as of June 11, 2019

Company Licensing Modernization Model Act – 11/1/06


Producer Compensation Disclosure Model Amendment to the Producer Licensing Model Act (In conjunction with the NCOIL Executive Committee) – 11/17/17

Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies Model Legislation -11/17/17



Resolution Encouraging the Federal Insurance Office (FIO) to Create a New Proposal for the Study of Auto Insurance Affordability in Accordance with Title V of the Dodd-Frank Act


Resolution in Support of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Credit for Reinsurance Model Law and Regulation (Reinsurance Models)

Resolution Reaffirming Support for the U.S. State-Based System of Insurance Regulation in Response to Recent Federal Encroachment


Supporting Further Extension of TRIA – 7/14/13

Regarding the Prudential Regulation of Insurance – 3/10/13


Urging Producer Licensing Modernization – 7/15/12


Encouraging State Membership in the IIPRC – 11/20/11

Urging Congress to Extend the Effective Date for Non-Admitted Insurance Provisions of Dodd-Frank Act – 3/6/11

In Support of Expanding Annuity Suitability Requirements -3/6/11


Urging Opposition to Optional Federal Charter (OFC) Proposals – 11/21/10

In Support of Amending Insurance Law to Conform to Non-Admitted & Reinsurance Reform Act (NRRA) – 11/21/10

Opposing an Office of National Insurance Proposal in Senate Committee Print of Restoring American Financial Stability Act – 3/7/10


Opposing Legislation to Create a Federal Insurance Office – 11/22/09

Favoring Continued State-Based Insurance Consumer Protections – 7/12/09


Opposing an NAIC Plan to Utilize the Annual Statement for the Centralized Collection and Dissemination of Market Conduct Data – 7/13/08

Model State Resolution in Opposition to S. 40/H.R. 3200, the National Insurance Act — 3/1/08

In Support of the National Insurance Producer Registry — 3/1/08


In Support of Surplus Lines Insurance Multi-State Compliance Compact (“SLIMPACT”) – 11/17/07

In Opposition to Amending or Repealing the McCarran-Ferguson Act – 7/21/07

Opposing Certain Executive Sessions of Public Policy Officials – 7/21/07


Model State Resolution in Opposition to Federal Preemptive Regulatory Measures — 2/25/06


Regarding OCC Banking Regulations – 11/19/04


In Support of Federal Legislation to Protect American Investors — 11/21/03

In Support of the NAIC Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact Model Legislation – 7/11/03

Support of Insurance Commissioners Exclusive State Regulatory Authority over Variable Life Insurance and Variable Annuities — 02/21/03


In Support of Repealing Surplus Lines Licensing Bonds – 11/16/01

Opposing OCC Opinion that GLBA Preempts State Consumer Protection Laws – 11/16/01

Opposing the Federalization or Dual Regulation of the Business of Insurance – 07/13/01


In Support of the NAIC Producer Licensing Model Act – 07/07/00


In Support of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act – 11/19/99


In Support of the Interstate Insurance Receivership Compact Commission’s Uniform Receivership Law – 11/18/98

Affirming the Authority of States to Regulate the Business of Insurance – 07/10/98


On Regulation of Financial Institutions – 07/11/97



NCOIL Statement on Senate Inability to Reauthorize TRIA – 12/17/14

Letter to Senate Urging Passage of S. 2244 TRIA Reauthorization Legislation Before Adjourning – 12/14/14


Letter to Congress Reaffirming Support for State Regulation, Requesting Seat at Table in Global Insurance Discussions – 12/2/13


Letter to House Rules Committee Reaffirming McCarran-Ferguson Support, Opposing Health/P-C Insurance Repeals – 3/20/12


Comment Letter to Federal Insurance Office Regarding State Modernization, FIO Report to Congress – 12/15/11

Letter to Chairperson Rep. Judy Biggert Regarding Common Ground on SLIMPACT – 7/29/11

Letter to NAIC Asking for Unity on SLIMPACT – 7/29/11

Joint NCOIL-CSG-NCSL Letter Requesting One-Year Extension of NRRA Effective Date ─ 1/27/11

Open Letter to 112th Congress Regarding Insurance Public Policy ─ 1/5/11


Letter to NAIC Urging SLIMPACT as Solution to Implementing Dodd-Frank Surplus Lines Provisions ─ 9/2/10

Joint NCOIL-NCSL Letter to U.S. House/Senate on Financial Stability Oversight Council/Federal Insurance Office S. 3217/H.R. 4173 Provisions ─ 6/4/10

Letter to Sen. Merkley Opposing ONI, Supporting S. 3217 Amendment to Limit Federal Powers ─ 5/10/10

Letter to Sen. Merkley Regarding ONI Amendment in Title V of S. 3217 Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 ─ 5/10/10

Letter to Senate Opposing the Title 5, Subsection A, ONI in the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 (SB 3217) ─ 4/22/10

Letter to Senate Banking Committee Offering New Comments on Financial Services Reform Bill ─ 3/22/10


Letter to NAIC Opposing National Insurance Supervisory Commission (NISC), Offering Constructive Comments – 12/18/09

Letter to Speaker Pelosi Opposing FIO, Expressing Concerns with H.R. 4173 – 12/10/09

Resolution Opposing Legislation to Create a Federal Insurance Office – 11/22/09

Letter to Senate Banking Committee Chairman Dodd Regarding Financial Stability Discussion Draft – 11/16/09

Letter to House Financial Services Committee Opposing a Federal Insurance Office (FIO) –10/23/09

Letter to NAIC Opposing National Insurance Supervisory Commission (NISC) Proposal – 9/9/09

NCOIL/CSG/NCSL Letter to Senate Banking/House Financial Services Committees Opposing Inclusion of Insurance in a Consumer Financial Protection Agency — 9/1/09

Letter to Senate Banking/House Financial Services Committees Regarding Principles for Effective Systemic Risk Regulation — 5/11/09

NCOIL/CSG/NCSL Letter to Senate Banking/House Financial Services Committees Opposing an OFC — 4/2/09

Letter to U.S. Senate Banking Committee Chair Christopher Dodd Opposing an OFC — 3/6/09

Letter to Treasury Secretary Geithner Regarding Optional Federal Charter Comments — 2/12/09


Letter to Chairman Frank Regarding Need for State-Based Reforms — 10/20/08

Letter to Speaker Pelosi Regarding Removing H.R. 5840 from Suspension Calendar, AIG Assertions– 9/19/08

Letter to Speaker Pelosi Recommending Opposition to H.R. 5840 OII Legislation — 9/12/08

Letter to Chairman Dodd Opposing Fast Track for H.R. 5840 OII Legislation — 8/1/08 

Letter to Speaker Pelosi Requesting Due Process for H.R. 5840 OII and H.R. 5611 NARAB Legislation — 7/28/08

Letter to NAIC Regarding Due Process for MCAS Proposal — 5/23/08

Letter to NAIC Supporting IIPRC Testimony at U.S. House Hearing — 4/3/08


Letter to Senators Johnson and Sununu Opposing OFC Legislation, S. 2509 – 4/14/06