News Releases


NCOIL Applauds Passage & President's Signing of Dodd- Frank Reform Bill

NCOIL Statement on ALI ‘RESTATEMENT’ Of Liability Insurance Law

NCOIL President Applauds National Retirement Planning Week

NCOIL CEO Addresses  "Insurance Ireland"

NCOIL CEO Expresses Disappointment in Short-Term NFIP Extension

NCOIL President Applauds 5th Circuit Decision to Reverse US Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule

NCOIL Committee Discusses Likely Regulation of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

NCOIL Concludes Successful 2018 Spring Meeting In Atlanta

NCOIL To Have Star-Studded Speakers At 2018 Spring Meeting

Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis To Keynote NCOIL Luncheon

NCOIL To Discuss Potential Regulation Of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

CCIIO Director Randy Pate To Participate In 2018 NCOIL Spring Meeting Health General Session

NCOIL To Discuss Problems Facing Life Insurance Premium Increases

NCOIL Property & Casualty Insurance Committee To Have Interim Call On January 29th

NCOIL Executive Committee Adopts Resolution Urging The Ali To Change Proposed Liability Insurance Restatement


NCOIL Adopts Model Act Requiring Competition Among Rating Agencies To Improve State Regulation Of Insurance

NCOIL Applauds Committee Passage Of H.R. 4537

NCOIL Adopts Model Act On Out-Of-Network Balance Billing Transparency Model

NCOIL Expresses Renewed Concerns About Ali Restatement Of The Law Of Liability Insurance

Ncoil President Sen. Jason Rapert Applauds 18 Month Delay In Department Of Labor Fiduciary Rule

Senator Rapert Assumes NCOIL Presidency

Successful 2017 NCOIL Annual Meeting In Phoenix Concludes

NCOIL President Applauds House Passage Of National Flood Insurance Program

NCOIL Staff Participates in No-Shave November

NCOIL to Discuss Problems Facing Workers' Compensation Insurance Industry at 2017 Annual Meeting

NCOIL Concludes Successful 2017 Fundamentals of Insurance Webinar Program

NCOIL Concludes Second Annual DC Fly-In to Educate Members of Congress About the Importance of State-Based Regulation

NCOIL Expresses Disappointment In Covered Agreement Signature

Considine & Farmer speak at Texas Association of Life & Health Insurers

NCOIL Announces General Session On ALI Restatement For Annual Meeting In Phoenix

NCOIL Announces General Session on Cybersecurity

NCOIL President Urges Federal Government to Fix National Flood Insurance Program 

NCOIL Annual Meeting Registration Is Open

NCOIL  Announces Second Annual DC Fly-In to Educate Members of Congress about the Importance of State Based  Regulation *NEW DATE

NCOIL Announces Final 2017 Fundamentals of Insurance Webinar

NCOIL Executive Committee Adopts Asbestos Claim Transparency Model Law

NCOIL Passes Resolution in Support of an Exemption for Community Banks from Onerous and Unnecessary Regulations

NCOIL 2017 Summer Meeting in Chicago a Success

NCOIL CEO Statement on Treasury Signing of Covered Agreement

Former Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman to Keynote NCOIL Luncheon

NCOIL Property & Casualty Committee Passes Asbestos Claim Transparency Model Law During Interim Committee Call

NCOIL  Please ALI Postponed Adoption of Restatement

NCOIL President Participates in NCCI Regulator Panel

NCOIL Voices Concerns with the American Law Institute's Proposed  Liability Insurance Restatement; Violates “Legislative Prerogative"

NCOIL Urges Treasury And USTR T0 Delay Implementation Of Covered Agreement

State-Based Regulation of Insurance Under Attack by Congress

NCOIL Calls for Formal Reopening of Negotiations on Covered Agreement or Congressional Halt to Effectiveness

 NCOIL Concludes Successful 2017 Spring Meeting in New Orleans, LA

NCOIL Announces Air Ambulance Task Force

NCOIL  CEO Addresses National Tornado Summit and Disaster Symposium in Oklahoma

NCOIL  President Announces 2017 Committee Leadership

NCOIL Health Long-Term Care & Health Retirement Issues Committee has Productive Interim Committee Call About the Future of the Affordable Care Act

NCOIL Health Long-Term Care & Health Retirement Committee Hosts Interim Committee Call

NCOIL: News of Covered Agreement Raises Serious Concerns

NCOIL Calls For Greater Role For States In The Future Of Healthcare