Welcome Breakfast

Prof. Dan Schwarcz Presentation

Prof. Dan Schwarcz Law Review Article

Life Insurance & Financial Planning Committee

July 12, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes

President Trump Executive Order on Retirement Security

Groom Law Group Retirement Executive Order Issue Brief

Michael Kreps Presentations

Lisa Kuklinski Presentation

Prof. Anya Prince Presentation

Bruce Margolis Presentation

Health General Session: Examining the Role of ERISA in the State Based System of Insurance Regulation – Can Meaningful State Reforms be Achieved in an ERISA-dominated Marketplace?

Prof. Forman Presentation

Prof. McCuskey Presentation

Financial Services Committee

July 13, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes

Resolution Asserting McCarran-Ferguson Reverse Preemption over the Supervision of Insurance Companies by the Federal Reserve Board and its Examiners

Resolution in Support of State Regulated Health Savings Account Based Coverage

Background Material – How to Avoid HSA Conflicts with State First-Dollar Coverage Mandates

Paul Ferrillo Presentation

Justin Brookman Presentation

Michael Gugig Slide 1      Slide 2

H.R. 6743 – The Consumer Information Notification Requirement Act

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

Innovation General Session: Understanding InsurTech and FinTech – What Legislators and Regulators Can do to Promote Innovation in the Insurance and Financial Services Industries

Dr. Steven Miller Presentation

Julie Sherlock Presentation


Property & Casualty Insurance Committee

July 12, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes

Ashley Scott Presentation

Dan Kaniewski Presentation

General Session: Reverse Preemption – Can States Preempt Federal Insurance Laws and Regulations Through Use of the McCarran-Ferguson Act?

Nat Shapo Presentation

McCarran-Ferguson Act

NCOIL – NAIC Dialogue

July 13, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes

Joint State-Federal Relations & International Insurance Issues Committee

July 12, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes

Erin Trish Presentation

Debra Judy Presentation

Buddy Combs Presentation

Oklahoma Insurance Business Transfer Law

Senator Cassidy Draft Balance Billing Legislation

Senator Hassan Draft Balance Billing Legislation

SRE Waiver Guidance Document

Articles of Organization & Bylaws Revision Committee

Proposed Amendments to NCOIL Articles of Organization & Bylaws


Health, Long Term Care & Health Retirement Issues Committee

July 14, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes        October 25, 2018 Interim Committee Meeting Minutes

NCOIL Draft Model Law Framework on Drug Pricing Transparency          AHIP Comments

PBM Licensure and Regulation Model Act – Nov. 6 Version       Comments

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Committee

July 13, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes

Proposed Amendments to NCOIL Model Act on Workers’ Compensation Repackaged Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Rates            Comments

Business Planning and Executive Committee

July 15, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes

Model Act to Support State Regulation of Insurance Through More Informed Policymaking