Financial Services Committee

All model laws and resolutions on this page have been adopted by the NCOIL Executive Committee, unless otherwise indicated.


Model Act to Support State Regulation of Insurance by Requiring Competition Among Rating Agencies – 11/19/17       Comment Letters

Model Act Prohibiting Consumer Reporting Agencies from Charging Fees Related to Security Freezes – 11/19/17

Credit Report Protection for Minors Model Act – 11-19-17

Credit Default Insurance Model Legislation – 11/17/17

Identity Theft Protection Model Act – 11/20/16


State Model Language for Implementation of Public Law 110-289, Title V—S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act – 3/1/09


Resolution Asserting McCarran-Ferguson Reverse Preemption over the Supervision of Insurance Companies by the Federal Reserve Board and its Examiners – 12/8/18

Resolution in Support of State Regulated Health Savings Account-Based Coverage – 12/8/18

Resolution in Support of The Small Business Audit Correction Act of 2018 – 7-15-18

Resolution Encouraging the Adoption of Voluntary Data Call Principles – 11/16/17

Resolution in Support of an Exemption for Community Banks from Onerous and Unnecessary Regulations

In Support of States’ Authority as the Primary Regulator of Insurance Companies – 11/15/15

Concerning Best Practices for Pension De-Risking through Private Annuitization – 11/23/14

Opposing PEPTA Federal Pension Reform Legislation – 11/20/11

Urging Senate Committee to Exclude Insurers from Systemic Risk Regulation, Assessments for Resolution of Systemic Risk Companies ─ 3/7/10

In Support of the Enforcement of Department of Defense Predatory Lending Regulation – 3/1/09

Opposing the Proposed Amendment to IRS Regulations Eliminating the Deductibility of Captive Insurance Company Reserves – 11/17/07

In Support of the Expansion of the Liability Risk Retention Act to Cover All Commercial Lines of Insurance — 7/12/02


Letter in Support of the Policyholder Protection Act of 2015 – 3/18/15

Letter to CFPB Seeking Clarification re: CFPB Actions and State Regulation, Requesting Formal Dialogue with Bureau – 12/4/14

Letter to H.R. 4173 Conferees Regarding Need for Material Interest in CDS Market ─ 6/15/10

Letter to U.S. Senate Supporting S. 3217 Amendments to Add State Officials to Financial Services Council ─ 5/17/10

Letter to House Financial Services, Agriculture Committees Regarding H.R. 4173 and Need for State CDS Regulation – 12/7/09

Letter to Senate Banking and House Financial Services Committees Regarding NCOIL CDS Activity — 7/22/09