Financial Services & Multi-Lines Issues Committee

All model laws and resolutions on this page have been adopted by the NCOIL Executive Committee, unless otherwise indicated.


Discussion Draft of NCOIL Insurance E-Commerce Model Act as of June 11, 2019

Insurance Fraud Model Act – 7/13/19

Model Act to Support State Regulation of Insurance by Requiring Competition Among Rating Agencies – 11/19/17       Comment Letters

Model Act Prohibiting Consumer Reporting Agencies from Charging Fees Related to Security Freezes – 11/19/17

Credit Report Protection for Minors Model Act – 11-19-17

Credit Default Insurance Model Legislation – 11/17/17

Identity Theft Protection Model Act – 11/20/16


State Model Language for Implementation of Public Law 110-289, Title V—S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act – 3/1/09


Resolution Asserting McCarran-Ferguson Reverse Preemption over the Supervision of Insurance Companies by the Federal Reserve Board and its Examiners – 12/8/18

Resolution in Support of State Regulated Health Savings Account-Based Coverage – 12/8/18

Resolution in Support of The Small Business Audit Correction Act of 2018 – 7-15-18

Resolution Encouraging the Adoption of Voluntary Data Call Principles – 11/16/17

Resolution in Support of an Exemption for Community Banks from Onerous and Unnecessary Regulations

In Support of States’ Authority as the Primary Regulator of Insurance Companies – 11/15/15

Concerning Best Practices for Pension De-Risking through Private Annuitization – 11/23/14

Opposing PEPTA Federal Pension Reform Legislation – 11/20/11

Urging Senate Committee to Exclude Insurers from Systemic Risk Regulation, Assessments for Resolution of Systemic Risk Companies ─ 3/7/10

In Support of the Enforcement of Department of Defense Predatory Lending Regulation – 3/1/09

Opposing the Proposed Amendment to IRS Regulations Eliminating the Deductibility of Captive Insurance Company Reserves – 11/17/07

In Support of the Expansion of the Liability Risk Retention Act to Cover All Commercial Lines of Insurance — 7/12/02


Letter in Support of the Policyholder Protection Act of 2015 – 3/18/15

Letter to CFPB Seeking Clarification re: CFPB Actions and State Regulation, Requesting Formal Dialogue with Bureau – 12/4/14

Letter to H.R. 4173 Conferees Regarding Need for Material Interest in CDS Market ─ 6/15/10

Letter to U.S. Senate Supporting S. 3217 Amendments to Add State Officials to Financial Services Council ─ 5/17/10

Letter to House Financial Services, Agriculture Committees Regarding H.R. 4173 and Need for State CDS Regulation – 12/7/09

Letter to Senate Banking and House Financial Services Committees Regarding NCOIL CDS Activity — 7/22/09