2015 News Release

Troy, New York, December 30, 2015Indiana Senator Travis Holdman took over as NCOIL President during the organization’s recent Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, vowing to amplify NCOIL efforts to preserve and enhance state regulation, and has announced 2016 NCOIL Committee leadership

Troy, New York, November 20, 2015 – NCOIL legislators at their San Antonio Annual Meeting announced a new slate of officers to guide NCOIL in 2016, as the organization works to ensure the continued strength of state insurance regulation.

Financial Services & Investment Products

Troy, New York, March 18, 2015 — In line with their long-standing efforts to preserve state insurance authority and to highlight its effective consumer safeguards, NCOIL legislators today wrote in support of the federal Policyholder Protection Act of 2015—calling it a “commonsense” approach in today’s challenging financial services environment.

Charleston, South Carolina, March 1, 2015Acknowledging that cyber-risk is a genuine threat, legislators here this weekend looked to experts to find out what is known about this hard-to-quantify liability to states in a session entitled Cyber Loss and Insurance: What Happens When the Big One Hits?”  The session explored efforts, both public and private, to identify why and how cyber-breaches are possible and what types of events insurers should be most concerned with, as well as how cyber-insurance is playing out federally and in the larger financial services sector.

Health, LTC & Health Retirement Issues

San Antonio, Texas, November 15, 2015 — On November 12, NCOIL legislators at their Annual Meeting here kicked off consideration of a proposed model law to ensure that patients have ample choice of in-network physicians and to protect consumers from surprise bills when they unknowingly receive treatment from outside an insurer’s system. Discussion of the draft Model Act Regarding Network Adequacy and Use of Out-of-Network Providers was a first step to developing model legislation based on a well-regarded 2014 New York State law.

Troy, New York, July 28, 2015Legislators at their NCOIL Summer Meeting in Indianapolis recently adopted a resolution supporting efforts to increase health insurance coverage for obesity treatments, including pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery, and encouraging states to select health exchange benchmark plans that allow for such access.  The NCOIL Health, Long-Term Care and Health Retirement Issues Committee adopted the resolution on July 16, followed by Executive Committee approval on July 19.

Charleston, South Carolina, March 1, 2015 NCOIL legislators at the Spring Meeting here heard expert insight into why drug prices are so high and into what the cost of specialty drugs such as the Hepatitis C therapy Solvadi means for state budgets. The Saturday, February 28 special session, entitled Drug Prices: How Much Is Too Much? And Where Will States Draw the Line?, was scheduled in recognition of the huge impact that drug costs have on state and federal healthcare systems.

International Insurance Issues

Troy, New York, April 23, 2015 Leaders of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) on April 21 shared with state legislators around the country an NCOIL Legislative Toolkit:  Advocating for State-Based Regulation in International Insurance Discussions.  Designed to arm state lawmakers with needed information to effectively engage in federal and global insurance discussions, the Toolkit reflects more than a year of NCOIL consultation with state, consumer, and industry stakeholders.

Charleston, South Carolina, March 1, 2015 NCOIL, recognizing the urgent threat that international initiatives pose to state insurance regulation, adopted on February 27 a legislative toolkit for state advocacy in international insurance dialogues—to help empower state lawmakers speaking with federal and global officials.  The toolkit, which was approved unanimously during a joint Spring Meeting session of the NCOIL International Insurance Issues Committee and International Issues Task Force, will be refined and updated immediately following the meeting and then distributed to legislatures throughout the U.S.

Property-Casualty Insurance

San Antonio, Texas, November 15, 2015 — Legislators at a packed NCOIL session here explored insurance, regulatory, and social impacts of the fast-growing “sharing” economy, in which hundreds of technology firms compete to help consumers get around town, find a place to stay, hire people to perform daily tasks, and meet an array of other needs. Experts speaking on The “Sharing” Economy: How Might It Impact Insurance Regulation? panel on November 14 represented academic, state insurance regulator, and insurance industry perspectives, laying groundwork for future NCOIL action.

Indianapolis, Indiana, July 19, 2015Legislators at their Indianapolis Summer Meeting adopted critical guidance for regulating transportation network companies (TNCs ) like Uber and Lyft—imposing rules related to coverage requirements, financial responsibility, licensing, disclosure, and other concerns.  The Model Act to Regulate Insurance Requirements for Transportation Network Companies and Transportation Network Drivers reflects a recent Uber/insurer compromise circulating in states.

Indianapolis, Indiana, July 19, 2015 On July 19 during the NCOIL Summer Meeting here, legislators unanimously adopted a Storm Chaser Consumer Protection Act to safeguard homeowners from individuals posing as legitimate roofing contractors.  The proposed model takes aim at fraud that occurs after natural disasters and extends NCOIL efforts to address consumer and insurance market catastrophe issues.

Charleston, South Carolina, March 1, 2015On March 1 at the NCOIL Spring Meeting here, legislators kicked off debate on a proposed and controversial model law to regulate transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft.  The draft Model Act to Regulate Insurance Requirements for Transportation Network Companies and Transportation Network Drivers would offer regulatory guidance to state policymakers at a time of growing international concern over insurance and safety implications of ridesharing activities.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

San Antonio, Texas, November 15, 2015 — NCOIL—responding to a new study that raises serious concerns regarding workers’ compensation systems in which employers are not required to participate, and in recognition of mounting federal interest in intruding on state workers’ comp authority—determined at its Annual Meeting to investigate costs and benefits of opt-out/opt-in approaches and to weigh in as needed on calls for federal intervention. The decision by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Committee to examine the issue in 2016 aligns with NCOIL commitment to promoting fair benefit systems and to protecting state insurance regulatory authority.